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There many benefits of subscribing to mailbox rental services. A real street address Ė not a po box is best for business and it just portrays a better more professional image than a post office mailbox. A mailbox rental is great if you operate a business out of your home or an online business. A mailbox rental allows you to not need to publish your home address for the whole world to see. Also, with the mailbox rental as your business address, you have someone to receive packages for you. At a mailbox rental place, your items are secure (not sitting out on your porch inviting theft), they stay dry (not sitting outside at your house in the rain). With a mailbox rental you can be notified as soon as your items arrive. Once your mailbox rental address is established and you receive mail, your items can be posted online and it is easy to setup. You can be up and running with your mailbox rental suite or private mailbox rental number in minutes! The mailbox rental process can be completed in minutes via the phone or on line. Go to to get your mailbox rental started. Your private information is always secure when you subscribe to a mailbox rental agreement with us. You can call in anytime to request details about your mailbox or packages. There are indeed many advantages of a commercial mailbox rental service for a home-based business. A mailbox rental can be located at a commercial mailbox rental center and instead of having mail sent to an actual physical address, it can be sent to the mailbox rental address. The mailbox rental location the mail items received are processed, scanned and posted online and the letter recipient then decides if they want the letter opened, the contents scanned or discarded or if they want the letter forwarded to another address.

There are several good reasons for a home-based business owner to use a commercial mailbox rental service. First, the business owner wants to use a mailbox rental service for security reasons. The address of the business needs to be identified in correspondence, billing, banking and many other important aspects of owning and running a business. Some of these, such as a business license, are public record, available to anyone who cares to look it up; others may be published on the internet. Being able to provide a mailbox rental number instead of a physical address provides much greater security and privacy for a mailbox rental subscriber. You wouldnít want someone just showing up at your house, especially if you are there alone much of the time. Secondly, a business owner wants to use a mailbox rental service for convenience. Receiving parcel delivery is much easier with a commercial mailbox rental service. The staff at the mailbox rental location is available to receive parcel delivery during business hours, which the mailbox rental subscriber can then pick up whenever itís convenient to do so. Thirdly, the business owner wants to use a mailbox rental service for credibility. With the accessibility of online maps and other tools, itís very easy for someone to research a business, including the actual location of the business. A business has much more credibility if the business location is shown to be in an actual business center rather than a residential or rural area. Commercial mailboxes rental location gives the appearance of an office address because they use a street address and a box number that is similar in appearance to a suite number. A mailbox rental address gives a business a more professional presentation.

Subscribing to a mailbox rental and renting a mailbox is as easy as visiting our online website at We have a mailbox available for you. This mailbox rental offers a commercial street address in Los Angeles, California. We offer all types of mailbox rental services and our rental prices and private mailbox service will make you happy.
Are you in the process of moving out of your old office? If thatís the case, you may want to consider a mailbox rental in the meantime. Fortunately for business owners, this mailbox rental service is extremely affordable. Not only can you get your own mailbox number to separate your home business mail from your personal mail, but our mailbox rental service will ensure that your incoming packages and correspondence remain secure.

We developed this mailbox rental and forwarding service because many people who work from homeóeither temporarily or permanentlyóget frustrated with having to separate their home business mail from their own personal mail. But by having your own commercial mailbox rental number for your business, you donít have to worry about sorting through your mail or giving out your home address to strangers. Itís a much safer, more secure option for those who need a way to send and receive work-related documents. You will also be pleased to find that we can provide you with a mailbox rental number for your online business. By having your own mailbox rental suite number you can feel confident that all of your letters and parcels will remain secure. Not only will you have your own private box or suite number with your mailbox rental subscription, but youíll also have the opportunity to access your mailbox online when itís convenient for you. That means that you will have access to your mailbox 24-hours a day.

Our affordable mailbox rental is great for people who run at-home businesses, sell items online, or are just in the midst of moving to a new location and need a temporary place to forward mail. Not only is mailbox rental service convenient and reasonably-priced, but it can also give your business a more professional image. Unlike the standard P.O. Box number you get with having a mailbox rental at the post office, our mailbox rental service allows you to have your very own street address. When individuals send off their mail to you, theyíll know that you run a legitimate business.

Interested to learn more about affordable mailbox rental from us and all that it entails? Then visit our website at Once you find out how safe a mailbox is and how convenient it is not to have to separate your personal mail from your home business mail, youíll definitely want to get a mailbox rental for your own business. Simply go online to to find out about pricing.

A mailbox rental is a common trend among new and existing businesses. Mailbox rental services offer a cost effective and efficient solution for the company's postal and communication needs. Most businesses fail to see the benefits of opting for mailbox rental. Reliably sending and receiving packages is a priority of many companies. Rental of a mailbox assures that all your incoming mail and packages will be received by someone 24 hours a day and all your outgoing correspondence will be mailed on time. A mailbox rental itself is an entirely different address and hence it offers complete privacy for the business owner or the company, keeping their actual address unpublished. A mailbox rental is different from post office boxes and do not have a P.O Box address. A mailbox rental has an actual physical address thus giving companies more flexibility of distributing its incoming and outgoing mail according to its own needs. Couriers like Fedex, UPS, DHL and Freight mail all require a physical address to deliver goods therefore having a mailbox rental is very useful. Correspondence between company and client is confidential and often times contain sensitive information. Mailbox rental services keep all incoming mail and packages safe until a company representative picks them up. This prevents possible theft and enhances security. Having an alternate address through a mailbox rental makes the company look big in the client's eyes. This, combined with a mailbox rental address that sounds great, creates a professional image of the company on the clients. A mailbox rental comes with the comfort of mobility. If the company temporarily relocates to a different location, their mailbox rental addresses will remain the same enabling them to keep receiving important mail and package correspondence. Furthermore, if the company intends to stay at that address for the time being, all mail correspondence can be forwarded to the new addresses for that duration. Therefore you access your mailbox rental wherever the company goes. Mailbox rental can only be good for a company. In many ways, a mailbox rental can be compared to having an extra support staff in your shipping and receiving department. The difference though lies in security, efficiency and productivity.