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A mailbox rental is the foundation of our business; we pride ourselves on careful and expert handling of your mail and parcels. For this reason, we have loyal customers from all over the world. Our service extends all over the U.S. and even to Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.

Security and confidentiality are among our highest priorities. We're not just a mailbox rental; we're supplying customer service at a high level. Our mailbox rental customers reward us with their loyalty by renewing year after year.

Our mailbox rental service presents many advantages over the traditional P.O. Box rental at the Post Office because we are a prestigious address in Los Angeles -- no P.O. box, a 24-hour access to your mailbox rental, a mail and parcel receiving from all major carriers, of confidentiality and security, and we have mail and package forwarding to just about anywhere. We have call-in service to check for mail and packages and fax receiving and notification,

Many U.S. online merchants and suppliers do not ship overseas, or charge substantially high international shipping rates. With our mailbox rental in California, we take special interest in our international online shoppers by providing a U.S. shipping address accepted by all U.S. retailers. We then forward received packages to the specified worldwide forwarding destination. With us, you receive quality service while avoiding the high shipping rates.

A mailbox rental is an option that people overlook when looking for a secure location to have mail sent. A private mailbox offers the security of a Post Office box and adds in a few extra benefits. A PMB or private mailbox is similar to PO Box in that it is available for a fee, but is owned and operated by a private business. Because it is owned by a private business, access is available for other private businesses and couriers to deliver shipments there. Find out how to set one up with us. If you are someone that needs privacy and security for your mail and packages, consider renting a private mailbox at our mailbox rental in Los Angeles.

There are many benefits to the convenience of having a private mailbox. Itís easy to get a private mailbox started. We look forward to providing you safe, secure, mailbox rental at our Los Angeles location. First, a virtual address for you and your business. Second, instant notification of  your income mail. Third, mail forwarding and mail handling. You can access online virtually 24 hour a day.