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The Virtual Domicile - California

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With our private mailbox rental, we provide you with mail scan and mail forwarding send and you can control your physical mail from anywhere in the world.

Use our private mailbox rental service in Los Angeles to check your postal mail online. We provide you with mail scan and mail forward of your physical mail. You can view your physical mail online when you start a mailbox rental service with us. This includes open scan or/and mail forwarding. Once you view the mail items in your mailbox, you can request to open, scan, forward, return or recycle or discard. You can request everything to be done online from anywhere in the world.

Get your USA address in Los Angeles California

Rent a mailbox from us with a real street address in the U.S.A. - This is a real Los Angeles, California address in the United States. Don't wait! Get started right now to start using your new mailbox rental address immediately. You can use your mailbox rental for anything - from shoping in the U.S.A. to receiving important legal documents and even packages. Most popular uses of a mailbox rental is to receive American fashion items, electronics and shopping online at stores that don't ship overseas. If you have a mailbox rental address, you can get greater choices and selections at lower prices. You can avoid high shipping and handling and also get the very best deals.

With our digital mailbox rental service, you get many extra services at no additional charge. Access your mail online with our mailbox rental service and request actions such as mail scan and mail forwarding, shred or even request to store your items until you can can come pick up your items at a later time at no additional charge.

Want a custom mailbox number?

With our digital mailbox rental, you can get your own custom number. As long as the number is available, we will let you choose. This means that you can select your own suite number, box, unit or apartment number.

Mailbox Rental Service with a very simple process:

We process your mail and scan your envelopes and post them to your mailbox and that way you can select actions like mail scan and mail forwarding. Yes, everything is highly encrypted and with our secure server you can request forwarding, open and scan or discard and many other options. You are in control with our digital mailbox rental service. On our mailbox rental platform, you can choose how you want your mail items handled. We are more economical than UPS mailbox rental costs, a whole lot less than a FedEx PO Box or the USPS PO box mailbox rental cost.

You can see the contents of your mail at our mailbox rental platform by just tapping at the option and have us securely open and scan the letter, and then we will make it easily accessable on your online mailbox rental control panel. The same goes if you no longer need the item and thus you can have the mail safely shredded and recycled.

mailbox box rental retrieve mailbox letters online

There are many advantages in having a mailbox rental service with mail scan and mail forwarding service.

1. You geta real street address for your personal mailbox rental. This is so different from the Post Office which is only a PO box number and very inpersonal. You need to portray a better business image and so using your home address for your business is probably not something you want to do. Our mailbox rental forwarding and scan services in Los Angeles California provides you with the best location for your business. Use our mailbox rental address for a more professional image than that of a post office mailbox rental. Avoid using your home address for business. Use our mailbox rental service  for a better business location and to offer the best professional image for your business. Our mailbox rental services with open / scan and forwarding provides you with privacy for your home business.

If you operate by appointments, for example, you will meet with your clients on an appointment basis and list our mailbox rental physical address as your address. Our digital mailbox rental  is a great choice for running your business out of your home or online. You can pick up your mail, you can have us scan the mail and securely post it at your mailbox portal and you can have us forward your mail to your home or any other address you specify to us.

We can receive packages for you at our mailbox rental location and your package are secure. Our mailbox rental staff will process your incoming mail items and will notify you as soon as we receive your mail and packages. Then you can request at your mailbox rental platform to open/scan your mail or to forward it to you or you can simply come pick up your mail.

Our mailbox rental service offers you more than anyone else - we offer you open /scan, fowarding, check deposit service, mailboxes n more. Our mailbox rental staff will post items to your box the minute we receive them. As a result, you can have access to your mail anytime online and you can request actions there at our mailbox rental portal.

Setting up your mailbox rental service is a snap. Once our mailbox rental store receives your request to open a mailbox, we will immediately open the mailbox rental service. If you call us, we can issue your suite number, apt number, or personal mailbox rental number or digital mailbox rental number in minutes and give you your mailbox rental number over the phone.

Subscribe Today - Get your mailbox rental service started today.

Your private information is always secure with us, we process everything through PayPal so we never see your personal credit card information. You are the only one that has access to your passwords and you can change your password at the mailbox rental portal anytime you need to. When you subscribe to our mailbox rental service, you can always count on your privacy.

If you ever wonder if you have items in your mailbox and you are not close to a computer to login in to your mailbox rental account, you can call us and we can check your mailbox for new items. This is another advantage of subscribing to our mailbox rental with scan and forwarding service. Our mailbox rental staff is very flexible as to how you want your mail items processed.

You can sign up online for the mailbox rental service and you can come in to sign the legal paperwork so you don't have to spend money on notary public service. If you reside overseas and you cannot physically go to a notary public, you can get your items notarized via the internet.

Our mailbox rental, open /scan and fowarding service is located in a commercial mailbox rental place so that means you can visit us anytime you want. You can pick up your mail to our mailbox rental location and you can even ask someone to bring items to your mailbox and our mailbox rental processing staff will post them items regardless of who brings them. We accept shipments from everyone - the USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon and more. You don't have to have the items sent to a residential address where it may be difficult for the delivery person to access. Have the items delivered to our mailbox rental location. We are here at our mailbox rental location every day to sign for your delivery. Here at our mailbox rental location the mail items received are processed, scanned and posted online and the letter recipient then decides if they want to open the letter, scan the contents or discard or request forwarding to another address.

Your home-based business can really benefit from our mailbox rental service with mail scan and mail forwarding service. 

Want your mail to be more secured for your business? You got it! Our mailbox rental with open, scan and mail forwarding service offer the most secure process. The delivery person can leave the items right on our mailbox rental store counter instead of your front lawn. This provice the a much more security and privacy for our mailbox rental customers. After we receive your letters and packages, you can decide to pickup the mail or package or request us to forward it. You can request to have your letter opened and scanned and after your review the content, you can have us forward the letter to whatever address you like us to forward to.

Our mailbox rental location staff is available to received your shipments at regular business hours and will be able to sign for your items.

You can have a mailbox rental if you are in the process of moving out of your old office.

In the meantime, you can benefit from a mailbox rental service. You can have a mailbox rental for temporary purposes. For example, it will be quite beneficial to you if you are out of the country and would like our mailbox rental staff in charge of receiving your mail. You can keep track of your mail while you are gone and when you return, you can simply come to our mailbox rental location to pick up the mail. While you are gone you can request to view the contents of your mail by requesting open and scan actions. If you need the original document right away, you can have our mailbox rental staff forward it to you.

Call us at 1-877-638-5744

to learn more about our affordable mailbox rental service (mail scan and mail forwarding).

Once you find out how safe a mailbox rental service (mail scan and mail forwarding) is, youíll definitely want to get a mailbox rental for your own business. Simply click on fees above to find out about pricing and mailbox rental plans.mailbox rental letter retrived online

There are great benefits in opting for our mailbox rental service (with mail scan and mail forwarding).

 A mailbox rental (mail scan and mail forwarding) is a common trend among new and existing businesses. Mailbox rental service (mail scan and mail forwarding) subscribers are rising since a mailbox rental service (mail scan and mail forwarding) offers a cost effective and efficient solution for the company's postal and communication needs.  The rental of a mailbox assures that all your incoming mail and packages will be received by someone 24 hours a day. A mailbox rental itself is an entirely different address and hence keeps you from disclosing your home address to strangers. A mailbox rental is different from post office mailbox and does not have a P.O Box address. A mailbox rental has an actual physical address. Couriers like Fedex, UPS, DHL and Freight mail all require a physical address to deliver mail and therefore a mailbox rental (with mail scan and mail forwarding) is a necessity. Mailbox rental service (mail scan and mail forwarding) keep all incoming mail and packages safe until you request actions such as open-scan, mail forwarding or shred.

An alternate address through our mailbox rental service (with mail scan and mail forwarding)

An alternate address through our mailbox rental service (with mail scan and mail forwarding) makes the company look big in the client's eyes. This, combined with a mailbox rental address that sounds great, creates the best professional image. The mailbox rental service allows you to access the mailbox while traveling. If the company temporarily relocates to a different location, the mailbox rental addresses will remain the same enabling you to keep receiving important mail and packages. You access your mailbox rental wherever the company goes. A mailbox rental is a great opportunity for a company to expand. Our mailbox rental (with mail scan and mail forwarding) is like having an extra support staff in your shipping and receiving department.

Our mailbox rental and mail forwarding service (mail scan and mail forwarding) is great for many people who work from home.

With your own mailbox rental number in a commercial business area, you donít have to worry about sorting your own mail or providing your home address to strangers. We can also provide you with a mailbox rental number of your choice for your online business. With our mailbox rental service (mail scan and mail forwarding), you can use a number such as Suite 101 or a letter such as Suite B or a combination of both such as Suite B101. You can choose! Your own mailbox rental suite number will portray a more realistic office building image. Not only will you have your own private mailbox rental box or suite number with your mailbox rental subscription, but youíll also have the opportunity to access your mailbox rental account online when itís convenient for you. From anywhere! Access your mailbox rental service (mail scan and mail forwarding) anytime! 24-hours a day.

Our affordable mailbox rental is great for your at-home businesses or to sell items online.

A mailbox rental service (mail scan and mail forwarding) is convenient and reasonably-priced and gives your business a more professional image. Unlike a mailbox rental at the post office, our mailbox rental service (mail scan and mail forwarding) allows you to have your very own street address in California. When your clients send mail to our mailbox rental address, they know you run a legitimate business with a real California street address in Los Angeles.


The Virtual Domicile

3705 W. Pico Blvd

Los Angeles, CA  90019



3705 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA  90019    1-877-638-5744   1-213-283-0995