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The Virtual Domicile - Fees

3705 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA  90019

You get 3 months free trial for a mailbox rental at this address.  

(You pay $0 during the free trial period.)


What does "Use No Box # option" mean?

If you select this option, you can use the address without a box number like this:

3705 W Pico Blvd,

Los Angeles, CA  90019-3451

You can only select this option if you choose the 6 month,  1, 2 or 3 year plans below.

$14.77      Per Month  Mailbox Rental


$38.17 per 3 months  Mailbox Rental

$65.94 per 6 months  Mailbox Rental


$94.37 per 9 months  Mailbox Rental

$119.88 Per year Mailbox Rental

$203.76 Per 2 years Mailbox Rental
$243.77 Per 3 years Mailbox Rental

$49.77 / Year California  Registered Agent Service 


$79.77 per   Month for Virtual Office (No free trial) 


Included in Plan:

Setup Fee


Mail pieces included per month


Letter Forwarding

$0.77 per letter Plus postage


Open and Scan



Mail Storage Length (days)


Fees for Extra Services:  
Other Services:  
Check Deposit Service  

Check Deposit Fee (1 deposit)

$4.99 per deposit

   Fee for each additional check in deposit

$1.99 per check in same deposit.

Fee to return open letter to sender

$1.49 per letter


Letter re-mailing Service (This is not forwarding)


     Re-mailing Letter

$0.77 per letter


Package forwarding Service:


     Any size package

$4.77 per package Plus shipping


Fax Service:



$1.77 per fax for first 6 pages ($.25 per additional page after 6 pages)


Postage/Extra Services Fees




1. To calculate postage/shipping go to:


Enter ZIP Code mailing from:  90019


Enter your ZIP Code for ZIP Code mailing to.

  2. Add postage plus any fees above

Pay total fees here:




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