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Turn your Cell or your laptop computer into a Traveling Mailbox

Welcome to our digital mailbox online world - Welcome to The Virtual Domicile.

Check your mailbox every day with your cell phone, laptop or computer. It is easy. Once you login to your digital mailbox, you can check the letters or packages you receive. However, there is no need to check your mailbox every day since we will always email you to let you know that you have received letters in your mailbox. Your physical mailbox will be virtually traveling with you everywhere you go.  Sure enough, you can convert your cell or laptop computer into a traveling digital mailbox.

You don't even have to open your letters because we can do that for you upon your request. Once we receive a letter or package for your we will email you to let you know and then we will wait for you to let us know what you wish to do with the letter or package. For example, you can have us open and scan the letter or package from your mailbox. Then after you have viewed the contents of the letter or package in your digital mailbox, you can request more options such as to forward the letter or package to anywhere you want. You can check your digital mailbox online to retrieve your mail and packages. Once you view the contents of your letters or packages, you can simply request that the package or envelope be kept in your mailbox until you return from your vacation.

And everything is so convenient because you can manage your mail online while traveling. Your mail handling convenience is key here. You don't even need to be traveling to enjoy the convenience of having someone else manage your letters. You have all the control of your mail online. We do all the work and you just let us know which letter or package you want to open or forwarded to your location - to any location in the world.

All of your postal mail can be converted into a digital mailbox with when you open a digital mailbox rental account with us. With our digital mailbox rental service, all your mail can become digital. Once we scan and make your mail digital, you will have no need for the physical mail and since you will already have a digital copy of the letter, there will be no need for the physical mail.

Your laptop computer or cellular phone can be your traveling digital mailbox and you can view your mail online right from your phone or laptop. Once you view your mail online, you can request actions such as open and scan, mail forwarding, recycle unwanted mailed items, hold or pick up your letters or packages at a later time.

The outside envelope will be scanned for every letter or package you receive. Then, you can let us know what you want us to do with your letter. The options are to open and scan, to shred or recycle, to forward, to hold or pick up your letters or packages from your mailbox.

Your postal mail is kept in a safe place waiting for you to pick up the mail or to open & scan or to forward. You can also request to shred or recycle the mail if you don't need it anymore.

You can view your postal mail right after the post office delivers your letters or packages. Bring all your mail into an online world, a virtual and digital mail environment. All your physical mail can become digital at the click of your finger. All your postal physical mail will be converted to postal mail online and thus the mail will become digital. We will always scan the outside of the envelope and email you with the images right away - right after the post office delivers your letters and packages.

Enjoy your vacation or your stay overseas without having to worry about your letters or packages. Enjoy a relaxed and refreshed traveling experience and don't worry about your mail. You will be able to receive your items just as if you were home or in your business or office.

We have the service you been wondering and probably did not know existed. Now you know that you can have us receive your letters or packages for you and you can manage your digital mailbox rental right from the tip of your fingers. Congratulations, you have just converted your online experience into an online traveling mailbox experience.

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