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The Virtual Domicile

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With our private mailbox rental (mail scan and mail forwarding) Service, you can received your Physical Postal Mail at a real U.S.A. address.Mailbox rental mail scan available to mailbox rental customer online

With our digital mailbox rental (mail scan and mail forwarding), check your postal mail online and decide which mail you want to request forwarding, open and scan and which mail you want discarded. You can request everything to be done online by scan or by forwarding at the convenience of your fingertips.



Physical address in the USA


Shop in the U.S.A.

physical address location for mailbox rental service with a real physical address

From American fashion to electronics, shop online for a greater choice and selections at lower prices in the U.S. with your physical address in the U.S.A. You will avoid high shipping and will also get the very best deal.

Rent mailbox with street address, a real U.S.A. address

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Plus the extras

Access your mail online with our mailbox rental service (mail scan and mail forwarding).


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The Virtual Domicile

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